Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Ronnie: I'm also under "siege"

On the accusation that he collaborated with people involved in illegal activities and allowed his office to be used by them for meetings, Ronnie Liu responded, "This was done by people from the same camp and party. They spread the rumour without finding out the truth in order to tarnish my image."

He pointed out that people from his party were indeed involved, and he knew who they were. However, he refused to reveal their indentities because they were all comrades from the same party. [SINCHEW]

0030 hundred hours, Khalid Headquarters, code name, operation “eat my shit”.

2. Rakyat Selangor knew of our illegal activities and that we're stealing from them.

3. Rakyats didn't buy Ronnie's kung fu act, now he's under siege.

4. We will send our best man, Spongelim Shoot Poops to take care of this matter.

5. Operation breakdown, tarnish the image of MACC, IGP and DS Najib.

6. Modus operandi, spread rumors and hatred in the name of the people.


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wakdanial said...

depa dah gelabah dah...xpa lepas ni kita tunggu dan lihat penghujung drama menjelang ramadhan neyh...hrp2 nnti bulan ramadhan da xda drama mcm mni dah...haha

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