Tuesday, September 29, 2009


THE alliance between Pas and other parties can work, but it requires sacrifices on all sides.

This, however, does not appear to be happening at the moment, Islamic Da’wah Foundation Malaysia (Yadim), chairman Datuk Mohd Nakhaie Ahmad said.

Nakhaie, the highest ranking Pas leader to have ever crossed over to Umno, quit the party in the face of strong opposition from Pas’ conservative leaders who were against co-operation with non-Muslims and his approach in formulating party policy in preparation for taking over the government in the late 1980s.

The only reason Nik Aziz gets along easier with DAP and Pakatan Rakyat is due to mutual dislike of Barisan Nasional since yesteryears. But this doesn’t reflect the views of the majority of Pas’ leaders and supporters,” Nakhaie said.

“What about those who have different ideologies with Nik Aziz? Nik Aziz does not represent the whole party,” the former Pas vice-president said.

While PR and DAP seem to be getting along fine, Nakhaie said supporters of each party should understand that every leader had his own principles and beliefs.

“If Umno and Pas were to merge, the position of the Malays would be stronger and other races would benefit as a result. That’s when justice can prevail should there be any unforeseen circumstances.

“I am aware that every party has different ideologies. DAP and PKR believe in having one Malaysia, where race shouldn’t matter. Yes, it shouldn’t matter but Malays should at least get special rights as we are the pioneers of the land. Pas’ expectations may not meet theirs.

“Plus, what they are fighting for is different from what Pas desires for the country. PR and DAP dream of having a country where it only has one race, which means that everyone is equal. But if we get real, that’s impossible to happen.

“Not that it can’t, but it wouldn’t be right. That’s why I believe that it’s only realistic for Pas to team up with BN so that Malay rights will be protected,” he added.

Asked if PR and Pas would be able to work things out in the long run, Nakhaie said that a Pas and Pakatan merger can work, but required extra effort on both sides which was not happening at the moment.

Citing Selangor Pas commissioner Datuk Hasan Ali as an example, Nakhaie said there was no specific ideology they planned to put forward and the lack of teamwork was obvious.

The alliance that they have is not strong and their goals have not been the same from the beginning. You can see that the party is having an internal crisis, what more to team up with other parties?

“They can team up for the time being, but it’ll be hard in the long run as each party has its own agenda and plans. When their plans do not meet, there’ll be bigger problems.” [mmail]

PKR dan DAP boleh bekerjasama dengan baik kerana tujuan mereka sama iaitu negara sekular lebih teruk lagi kesaksamaan tanpa ketuanan. Jika ketuanan Melayu samalah dengan ketuanan Islam kerana definisi Melayu itu mestilah beragama Islam.

Satu kapal yang ada tiga nakhoda, dua darinya sebulu dan setujuan manakala lagi seorang ada tujuan lain. Matematik mudah untuk difahami dua lebih besar dari satu, yang seorang ini akan beransur-ansur dihilangkan.

Persoalannya kenapa yang seorang ini masih berada di situ?

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