Friday, September 25, 2009


Dr Hasan on the receiving end over Selcat

PAS officials have joined the chorus of criticism against Selangor exco member and Pas commissioner Datuk Dr Hasan Ali for calling for a revamp of the States’ special select committee for competency, accountability and transparency (Selcat).

Mahfuz Omar~
Its vice-president Datuk Mahfuz Omar said that if Dr Hasan had any dissatisfaction, he should have brought it up during the exco meeting, instead of going public with his views.

Kamaruddin Jaafar~
Pas central working member Datuk Kamaruddin Jaafar, also a Public Accounts Committee (PAC) member, echoed Mahfuz’s sentiments and said that if PAC was able to haul up bigger players for questioning without drawing even a single complaint, then the district officers should take the queue from their bosses and just cooperate with Selcat.

Khalid Samad~
“As an exco member, he should act as a team member and sit down with the team and discuss how to overcome weaknesses in Selcat, if any. He may have felt that there was no other channel for him to voice his opinion, and he may be justified in publicising it, but that shouldn’t have been the situation,” said Khalid (Samad).

Dr Hasan criticised Selcat, chaired by State assembly Speaker Teng Chang Khim, for its “grilling” of senior civil servants over allocations.

Teng, who is from DAP, singled out Dr Hasan as the “only problem” in the PR partnership that was forged after last year’s general election, and said Dr Hasan could have brought up his dissatisfaction through the right channels.

This is not the first time Dr Hasan had raised the ire of his PR counterparts. Prior to this, Dr Hasan had also quarrelled with DAP exco member Ronnie Liu over the sale of beer in the State and had wanted to impose a blanket ban on alcohol sale in Muslim majority areas. [MM]

PAS to Hassan Ali, "Obey our boss!".

2. Negara Islam bersama DAP bukan Hassan Ali.

3. Tahniah kepada kakitangan awam yang vote pembangkang PRU lalu.

Mari kita.. mari kita ramai-ramai tepuk tangan bergembira..
kita menyanyi sambil langkah kanan kiri horey-horey..
Hip hip horey bergembiraaa!

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