Sunday, March 28, 2010


The shrinking of Malay voice in parliament- Harakah

In the name of unity and tolerance a lot of seats from Malay majority areas had been sacrificed to the BN component party.

For example in 1990s GE, 37 seats of parliament and DUN from majority Malay areas had been given to the non Malays.

From those 37, 13 are parliaments and 24 are DUNs. These numbers not include seats given to them from the beginning.

In 1990s GE, seats from Malay area given to MCA and MIC are Padang Serai (55.2% Malays), Alor Star (54.8 % Malays), Lipis (53.2% Malays), Pontian (52.2% Malays), Kapar (60% Malays),
Ampang Jaya (68.5% Malays), Selandar (50.8% Malays) and Telok Kemang (51.3% Malays).

Seats given to the BN component are never returned to the Malays. Even though the Malay realize of this situation but they keep on voting for UMNO who is responsible to reduce the Malay empire.

11th GE on 21st Mac 2004, BN wins 198 seat leaving 20 seats of opposition. More over BN wins 452 seats for DUNs from 505 seats all together.

Dr Khairudin Damhoeri a freelance analyst stated that in 1964, the Malay voice then in parliament are 64% now shrink greatly in number.

"Kuasa orang Melayu di Parlimen sudah berkurangan berbanding pada zaman awal pilihan raya umum diadakan di negara ini," he said at the Syarahan Awam Pencapaian Sosio Ekonomi Sektor Pertanian in Kelantan in a ceremony of the 50 years of independence at a hotel here, today. [Hrkh]

Sapa perkauman ni? Depan cakap lain, belakang cakap lain.

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