Thursday, July 29, 2010


Junah, 29 Jul,

As the downturn in the economy, 'get-rich-quick' scheme are sprouting since everyone would be interested in making an extra buck. So as frequent visitors to Danok, pub, kedai 4D and other sinners in their own ways are increasing, the demand for a new, easier way to heaven a in need.

A cult then saw this opportunity to gain its strength and took it by offering an easier way to heaven fulfilling the need of those in need. Later on attracts common people, people who practice free sex who's his or her pic then been circulated on the internet, people who's caught drinking beer in public looking forward to be canned to a 52 years old celebrity.

Government should look more seriously into this scheme as they to the 'get-rich-quick' scheme as this scheme is more dangerous to the society. The government should run more awareness campaign such as 'returnlah to the way of the prophet if u want to go to heaven' or 'their is no shortcut to heaven' in order to curb such illegal practice.

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