Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DAP Only Fights For The Chinese, Indians Shouldn’t Be Fooled

DAP Only Fights For The Chinese, Indians Shouldn’t Be Fooled
By Terrence Fernandez

DAP’s racism is not something that is concealed. It can be seen vividly like a mountain on a bright sunny day. DAP is an extremist in terms of fighting for their race, and doing so without concern of the rights and wrongs and without giving a damn about others.

But somehow there are still non-Chinese who missed the point and give out their supports to DAP anyway.

The recent demonstration by M Kulasegaran, DAP’s Vice Chairman’s supporters against Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham whom they claimed to have marginalized the Indians community, re-affirmed the above statement.

The Indians community in Perak should have been aware of DAP’s racism, generally and Ngeh’s particularly from the beginning. This is because Kulasegaran is a more likely figure to be DAP’s Chairman in Perak compared to Ngeh in terms of supports and seniority.

Kulasegaran has been an MP since 2004 compared to Ngeh who became one, only in 2008.

However, just how the Chinese has always played the racist-game in the private companies by denying job opportunities and rights of other races to be promoted or getting a pay raise they deserved, the same game is played by them, in politics.

They would use what little power they have to put ‘Chinese race’ above all in recruiting or evaluating employees in their companies. They do this either through manipulation, back-stabbing, cheating or right out blunt.

When a Chinese got hold of a building or an area, they will automatically dominate and conquered them. Automatically too, other races will be pushed away.

If this could happen in companies, imagine what would have happened if they got hold of the power to rule a multi-racial country like Malaysia.

Without absolute power they still able to rule arrogantly through their chosen puppets, just imagine if they are to rule with absolute power.

We are fully aware that the DAP is having a good time demolishing whatever is left of the Indians and the Malays in Penang. They were about to do the same in Perak, but Thank God, their evil intentions was ‘aborted’ and saved by the fact that the ultimate power still befalls on the Sultan.

Now, imagine if the Pakatan Rakyat be given a mandate to rule Malaysia. DAP would ensure that only puppets from PAS and PKR will be holding significant posts and these idiots will implement DAP’s agendas accordingly until they successfully ‘wipe-out’ any traces of power from other races. And the time will come where they will no longer need puppets but would rule directly. The puppets would then be turned into furniture or mere decorations in the government offices.

Kulasegaran should have realized that DAP is stomping on his head. Kulasegaran and all Indian leaders should call for their people to start thinking seriously about their future in DAP or PR.

What is there for the Indians in DAP or PKR? Is it true that all Indians are gangsters like what we see in PKR? Is it true that even professional Indians are cons like what we see in the Bar Council?

We believe that not all Indians are gangsters and cons. Many are very rationale, mature, humane and very –very sane. These people should have realized by now that only BN that has never denied the rights of other races.

Don’t be fooled by the racists Chinese in DAP who claimed that non-Malays are being sidelined by BN. It doesn’t make sense as those same racists are the ones controlling the country’s economy today.

The fact is, the racists just wanted to conquer and dominate everything without thinking of others. They are using the Indians just to get them into power. When the power is in hand, the Indians will be stomped upon, pushed away and kicked out by DAP in no time.

Indians should return to the safety of MIC/BN to ensure a brighter future for the race and the country as a whole.

Bear in mind, that most DAP leaders are born racists. It is in their blood passed down by their communist ancestors who were pardoned by the tolerant, compassionate and humanely Malay government. But, DAP still bites, wallops and engulfs the Malay government whenever they have the opportunity to do so.

It is not worth it for the Indians to be DAP’s loyal supporters as you would eventually be conned and lose everything before you know it. [Malaysia-Instinct]


Anonymous said...

yes,that is totally right!even a blind man can see that this DAPig party were establish merely for the sake of the despicable chinese!the indians should realize by now that they are only being used by this pigs to achieve their disgusting agenda that's dominating Malaysia not only in economy (which they already had) but also in politics!

ddinbunga said...

Salam, ya!! i like yr article, the indians comunitty must thinking about this, compare in BN party commponents, all parts of religions is our missions.

kuchingitam said...

Salam perjuangan,
minta jasa baik tuan untuk link kan blog saya ke dalam blog tuan.blogger sarawak.

terima kasih

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