Thursday, October 7, 2010


There is only one country in the Muslim world today, only one ( the intensifier). Which seem to have understood that this international monetary system is fraudinal.

Only one leader, and he is
Dr Mahathir (paused) of Malaysia. ~ Syeikh Imran Hosein- Islam and the international monetary system ( minit ke 4:01-6:15)

Of all those who claimed to know Quran best, belittle others with curses and utterly contempt. Deemed other fellow muslims as kafir and can grant heaven to fellow cultist.

Yet only one who made Quran practical in the economic world (today) and he is Dr Mahathir of Malaysia. can u believe that?

and not anwar the self-proclaimed penasihat ekonomi Selangor, consultant to the world bank, top 100 global thinkers, lecturer at John Hopkins Uni, Lecturer at George Town Uni...Bla.bla.bla..?

What a sucker punch to the 'green pis'.

we pray for Tun's health and well-being.

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Bingai @ Bangang said...

walaupun aku hidup dalam pentadbiran 6 PM tapi aku jadi rindu balik kepada zaman pentadbiran Tun M. Semoga Allah memudahkan perjalanan hidupnya sebagaimana dia mempermudahkan perjalanan hidup rakyat Malaysia. Amin

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