Friday, October 1, 2010


Would Lim Guan Eng man enough to resign for his denial that he had give out cash aid to the Muslims senior citizen of Pulau Pinang from a haram source . Lim Guan Eng earlier had denied that he was using a contribution from the Penang Turf Club to fund its hardcore poor eradication program until a document was revealed proven of Lim's inter-religious insensitivity. The denial is most revealing for its self-incriminatory.

Will Lim Kit Siang ask his son Lim Guan Eng to resign for his insensitivity and ignorance ness plus contemptuous and religious disrespect to all Muslims senior citizen of Pulau Pinang? and will Lim Guan Eng apologize over his derogatory action to all Muslims of Pulau Pinang and Muslims of Malaysia and Muslims all over the world en masse?

How can Lim Kit Siang and son convince Malaysian that they are sincere and sensitive to create national unity based on diversity and inclusiveness in a multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural nation when this is openly opposed to DAP nature?


ameno bodo said...

its the moronic UMNO who bestow these pendatang their citizenship thus created nowadays problem.

It was us PAS who had warn moronic UMNO that one day these pendatang will take over our land and 1963 it was proven, singapura was taken!

and now u blame PAS? moron! if UMNO are destroyed all votes goes to PAS and we'll packed all these pendatang in a tongkang and make them paddle back to main land. UMNO moron!

Anonymous said...

Yes Lim Kit Sial the DAP moron and DAP Baboon should hv the guts to resign. DAPig......

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