Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Row over native status of DAP chairman

Kota Kinabalu: Sabah DAP chairman Jimmy Wong's “native status” came under the spotlight again during the debate on the alleged issuance of fake native certificates at the state assembly sitting here.

In his debate on the state Budget, Sukau assemblyman Datuk Saddi Abdul Rahman had claimed that non-natives who obtained these certificates had used them to buy land in Sabah. Datuk Samsuddin Yahya (BNSekong) asked him to pinpoint the person involved.

Saadi later continued with his speech, saying that some of these dubious native certificate holders had succeeded in duping thousands of people in Kinabatangan by buying native land titles.

“I have documents from the National Registration Department to certify that the parents of the native title holders came from China and had applied for citizenship through the Lahad Datu Registration Office in 1966. They have made hundred of millions by tricking the locals,” he said. ~The Star

~Patut pribumi hidup melarat dan pendatang naik Hummer yang road tax sahaja 15000. Mereka menipu status bumiputra untuk dapatkan tanah Sabah yang kaya balak dan boleh buat tanam sawit di samping bina perumahan dengan harga rumah yang melampau dari semnanjung, di mana mustahil orang bumiputra mampu beli.

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