Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Abdul Kadir in Brisbane last year was the subject of some disturbing claims by people he met whilst here in Australia as well as those of his alleged misconduct in flight.

A Malaysian airlines stewardess claims he tried to fondle her en route back to KL on an MAS flight. He wore dandy shoes and a silver grey suit as well as his trademark toupe (hairpiece or wig) during that flight and his constant eyeing and stalking of the stewardess.

This is not the first of Kadir's such adventures or of allegations made against him by women.
It is believed that Kadir made certain requests of UMNO which could not be met. He then decided to resign and make scurrilous unfounded claims against the party which includes allegations o vote buying.

The question for a man with as little credibility as Kadir is this. why now? Why not at the time the allegations would have been fresh and the evidence of vote buying contemporaneous with the allegation?

Kadir must be brought to task immediately and charged for concealing evidence of the commission of a crime. That crime being vote buying. If not Kadir must withdraw the claim and keep his dirty mouth shut.

If this allegation is true then Kadir is more than qualified to join the Anwar Ibrahim, Elizabeth Wong and Badrul Amin club.

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